The State of Enterprise Digital Transformation

New Study Highlights Digital Transformation Strategies
See what's driving and standing in the way of enterprise transformation around the world, and learn from those ahead of you how to best operationalize your strategy for maximum results.

Get a Global Perspective on Transformation

Explore how global enterprises are approaching Transformation in this regional reports and webcasts.
North America Learn where US and Canadian organizations can grow digitally.
Europe Review the impact of digital transformation on European enterprises.
Asia-Pacific See what is helping APAC businesses leap forward in pursuit of digitization.

Top Transformation Priorities

Improve Agility 53% are investing in modern, high-availability, high-speed, highly resilient IT infrastructure.
Enhance Experiences 41% are improving touchpoints with customers, including instore, online, and through call centers.
Mitigate Risk 49% are making customer data more secure.
Increase Efficiency 41% are improving how they use data in business decision-making processes.
Webinar: Turn Disruption into Differentiation

Tune in as 451 Research explores the latest digital transformation trends and shares recommendations for enterprises. Webcast now available on demand.

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Get a deeper understanding of digital transformation trends and drivers for your industry.
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Where digital business goes to network
Where digital business goes to network